Weekly Update 14w/2020

Welcome to the SnowGem Project April 3rd 2020 Community Update.

Key News and Developments of the week…

  • BitFrost Wallet
  • New Partnership
  • SnowGem Website
  • Security Reminder

BitFrost Wallet

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The Snowgem team has made significant progress on the BitFrost wallet over the last few weeks and we now have a fully working demo version with a re-designed user interface.

After careful consideration between the CoreTeam, the plan is we want to release the new BitFrost wallet within the next 2–3 weeks with a select number of supported projects and simple swaps.

New Partnership


The SnowGem Foundation is going to be in partnership with Fractal ID who will help us acheive KYC/AML compliance with our SnowPay/SnowSwap solutions.

Fractal ID is a major player in the financial world (not just Cryptocurrency) and they are well respected within the Crypto space with over 70k users.

If you would like to check them out, you can find their website Here.

SnowGem Website

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We are pleased to announce our new beta website is now live and we invite anyone to help proof and make suggestions before release, this will completely replace the current website.

We will ofcourse reward beta Proof/Reviewers with some Precious Gems (XSG).

Check out the new website Here

Security Reminder

Following on from last week with security, Discord in particular, we are still experiencing a number of spam Direct Messages claiming to offer help or offering “Updates”. We are very clear in our approach, No CoreTeam member will message anyone first so if you need help, please reach out to us and check out our text colour (should be Red) and our ID if required.

We have implemented a new simple #verification-channel in our discord to help manage these spam bots, all users New and Old must click the SnowGem icon to unlock all other channels (the #verification-channel will then disappear).

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All announcements regarding security and updates will always be in the #Announcements channel.

Stay safe and always double check!

Further Reading…

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Please check out our Twitter Page, Discord and Telegram for more information on any topics covered and more.

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